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Macau is located in southern China, as a famous gambling city. There are plenty of casinos in Macau offering the widest range of games, including slot, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, boule. Gambling has been legal in Macau for well over a century. This industry is extremely important in Macau. Now Macau has become the largest gambling operation surpass Las Vegas.

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How Rakeback Could Instantly Turn You Into a Winning Poker Player

Posted by admin On June - 1 - 2016 Comments Off on How Rakeback Could Instantly Turn You Into a Winning Poker Player

Many players who lose money or are breakeven at the poker tables could instantly start winning by taking advantage of rakeback promotions. Let’s explore how important rakeback is. When measuring how much money you’re winning or losing at the cash game tables, there are two numbers we look at: win rate and true win rate.  [ Read More ]

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Should You Slow Play in Poker?

Posted by admin On March - 25 - 2016 0 Comment

One of the best feelings in poker is when you are in pot with the absolute nuts, and know that you are going to win the hand. The only question remaining in your mind is how much money you’re going to win. Of course, the deciding factor in how much money you make is how  [ Read More ]

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Poker Note Taking – Player Notes

Posted by admin On January - 21 - 2016 0 Comment

Notes are priceless One of the key skills poker players obtain is being able to observe a player effectively. When you have observed a player, you will find it much easier to make decisions when facing them and you will more often than not come out on top when playing them. There are several things  [ Read More ]

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Online Poker Tournament Becomes the Norm

Posted by admin On March - 8 - 2015 0 Comment

Online poker has grown tremendously over the years and is showing great stamina to continue. As the years have passed, this diehard community of poker players and Texas Hold ???em lovers has shot through the roof and soared into the millions. Whether a beginner or not, these online poker tournaments provide free tables, as well  [ Read More ]

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Pros and Cons to Multi Tabling in Poker

Posted by admin On October - 15 - 2014 0 Comment

If you are considering multi tabling betting on line, perhaps we should go over some of the pros, and cons before you make your decision. First lets be clear what exactly multi tabling is for the beginners. It is simply playing more then one table at a time. Now lets go over the Pros there  [ Read More ]

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